Please note, the information in this article applies to a previous version of our app. The content is being updated to reflect the new version changes.

You can install Moneff mobile app to log in to your account in Moneff mobile application. Please, follow the steps below:

1. Go to and click Log in button

2. Log in to your web account with secure personal credentials;

3. Go to "Mobile application" in the general menu on the left;

4. In Mobile application, click generate code;

5. Enter a one-time confirmation code (sent to you by SMS to your registered mobile number) in the required field and click confirm;

7. In the mobile application on your mobile phone, press 'Sign in', then either scan a generated QR code or enter a 16-digit code to pair your Moneff mobile application and web account to make secure payments;

8. Once you activate Moneff mobile application, you may use it for future pay-outs without generating SMS code.

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