What currencies can I send and receive money in?

You can receive and hold money in GBP, USD, EUR, CHF, and Singapore Dollars. We’re working hard to add more holding currencies. Sign up to our newsletter, and we’ll keep you posted.

You can send money in almost any currency. We’ll show you the indicative exchange rate and how much your recipient will receive before you confirm the transfer. Due to market movement the rate might change slightly which will reflect in the amount.

Please, note, that the base currencies for your Moneff accounts are GBP and EUR. If you are a new customer you will see your GBP and EUR accounts when you log in to your online account for the first time. Your USD (and other currency) Moneff account will be activated and become visible after your first top up (https://help.moneff.com/en/articles/5991660-how-do-i-top-up-my-account). In order to receive payments to your USD account please use banking details indicated in the welcome letter.

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